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Lynn DeGrave
Name Lynn DeGrave
Joined 590 days ago
Hobbies love doing crafts and painting on feathers and artist conk (mushrooms) and being with my family
About Me Im married have 2 kids a boy (Corey 23) girl (Danielle 20) have 2 dogs and 1 cat work part-time in a hospital doing housekeeping. Love watching the Ellen show your so funny,I like when you do tricks on people.
Lynn DeGrave
Emma Thompson Gets Wild
212 days ago

Love your show a lot. Love how u interact with your guests, you really love them and make them laugh.And love what you do for alot of people,you make them smile even if its for a short period of time but you made them smile and thats the important thing.Your a inspiration,keep up the good work and never stop what you do.

Lynn DeGrave
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583 days ago

Love you Ellen,your soooo funny and so good to people how need it there should e more people like you in this world.

Lynn DeGrave
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590 days ago

Hello Ellen LOVE your show watch it everyday I think your so funny, love what you do for people and familys keep on doing what your doing. LOVE you.