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Lynn Cooper
Name Lynn Cooper
Location Toronto, Ontario
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Hobbies Helping other people with disabilities and helping them with their needs
About Me I am a single mother who is very proud of her only son, and her fabulous grandson. I agree with Ellen that we should be kind to one another and to accept and rejoice in our differences. Although a white person I have dedicated a large part of my life to teach others the wonderful contributions to Canadian life. This history has been hidden and Canada holds the key for the many escaped slaves and freepersons during the 1800s. It has been rewarding and because of this I have met many famous black historians. These achievements have been taught to children of many colours. People call me kind and trustworthy and because of this I have many friendships with people not from my culture or walk of life. It has been very rewarding to say the least. I admire Ellen very much and have done so from the early days of her comedy. My favourite skit of all times was her conversation with God. I became a loyal fan from that point on. Ellen is part of my daily life and she has brought me tears of laughter. Her kindness motivate me to try to be even better. Her marriage has made my hope of that true love stay alive. Thanks Ellen. E