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Lynn Bosk
Name Lynn Bosk
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Hobbies Watching Ellen , If I haven't fallen to sleep from depression.
About Me Clinaclly depressed , no hobbies Wait crying is a hobby , right
Lynn Bosk
It's Ellen's Mother's Day Show!
81 days ago

Trying to figure out how to enter for the giveaways for expecting mom's is too hard for me. I have a Granddaughter Sabrina who is due July 11, 2014. Don't know how we are going to be able to purchase the items she will need. Everything is so beautiful on your mothers Day show. Please consider Sabrina for the free giveaways. These would help alot. I'm going to be a Great Grandma ( Lynn Bosk). The gifts will help me too. Easier to play. Your neices, the other kids are all so adorable. I never hang around adults, give me those babies. Sabrina has a 3 year old brother, who now will be an Uncle. Too bad his mommy, my daughter gave alot of Stevens things to friends that were haveing babies. We thought Sabrina & Jordan had some more time for all the necessities for a baby. We are having a girl !!! Oh goody. Love ya Ellen

Lynn Bosk
It's Day 8 of 12 Days!
225 days ago

Great gifts today. Really would appreiciate those gifts. You Are the