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Name lynn
Location Springfield, MA
Age 56
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Hobbies Staying alive... Managing my pain with meditation,biofeedback. Gardening (can't anymore really) I LOVE THE wind & rain as much as the Sunshine.Reader.Writer.
About Me HUMAN KINDNESS,IS OVERFLOWING.. I am a retired nurse,disabled,advocate for sjogrens,Love my Cairn Terrier Little Lotte..walking when I can,Huge Beatles Fan.Had tickets to see Sir Paul but got called into work years ago .LOVE Broadway.Phantom of the Opera my fave.That Gerard Butler in the movie version? slays me.Whoopie and Bette are my idols.I have an adult son.I live in my family home still with my Mom.I am a Cardiac Bypass Survivor.Naturally CurleyBlueEyedBlonde..middle of the road politically..LOVE the Ocean..walking the beach(been years) Vegetarian who is Catholic but studies Buddhism.
Message from Ellen
230 days ago

Ellen the first time I went to Walt Disney World..I must have been 30.I never realized how attached I was to Mary Poppins.Like the real one was in few right?I ran up to her on main street saw and almost ran her over..She said..the spit spot line..and I literally cried telling her how much I loved her..She finally had to tell me to "let go of her hands" I was crushing her white handed gloves in mine.Thank God they didn't have a video camera then.I am 55 now and still remember my father taking me to the REAL Cinema in Downtown.It was so special.I was the first girl I knew to see it.That Tom Hanks is doing a movie about M.P. is fantastic as he is my favorite actor I love everything about him.Oh yeah..latter that night at the electric parade M.P. saw me and ran I

PS.UNFORTUNATELY someone did have a camera years later when I sat next to Cinderella and THE FAIRY GOD MOTHER walked out..BIBBITY BABBTTY BOO..My family just walked away and left me in a crowd of little girls.They were still recovering from my having the waiter at the restaurant in the castle putting a paper crown on me !!love ya..

Message from Ellen
237 days ago

Thanks for keeping me alive...feels less . Lonely watching your show....

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