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Lynda Whitney
Name Lynda Whitney
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Hobbies Love my animals and husband, support wildlife
About Me retired x-ray tech, waiting to have knee replacements and never miss your show.
Lynda Whitney
Jude Law, Blind Pilot
557 days ago

I'm sorry, ice cream on the forehead time, thought had an invitation, stupid me, but,,,, Happy, happy Birthday Ellen, hope it's more than you could ever, ever hope for ! xoxoxo!

Lynda Whitney
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590 days ago

Thank you Ellen, when we need a break in life, you are always there, don't think you know how much you do for so many.

Lynda Whitney
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591 days ago

I want people to share something I read, a man is found with a bomb in his shoe, now all airports worldwide shoes come off. How many precious souls do we need to loose before we begin to have honest dialogues and actions. We certainly can't be that numb to violence, bless and keep us all. Thanks Ellen for being "Ellen".

Lynda Whitney
Ellen Remembers Her 'Cubicle Monologue'
645 days ago

HELP, HELP !!! In Ohio " Tagg Romney own the "voting machines", they can easily be hacked etc. This is an obvious attempt to take the state that could call the election, please "change my life" don't make me live under a "President Romney" my heart could not take it, save my life :), help in any way you can, people have to know what is happening, thank you so very much, Lynda Whitney