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Lynda miller
Name Lynda miller
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About Me semi-retired nurse who works with a state program called ARC. Mentally challenged individuals who need a personal assistant to take shopping, special olympics or just to the beach. What better place than on Maui! Truly BLESSED....
Lynda miller
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231 days ago

Im one of those who has to cover my mouth when I smile. (graced with bad teeth) However, your show can pull a full face smile on this mugg for one full hour.(well, excluding commercials) I find I am laughing out load, and catch myself with a grin at all times.
HUMAN compassion, kindness, and your willingness to put it all out there for the people(s) who watch you everyday is inspiring. Its time we come together and learn to cheer as you do...Laughter IS a good medicine and I want to write prescriptions for it......(your show I Imean.)