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Lynda Mason-Genovese
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About Me I am 56 years old. I work at a place most people hate going to, including myself. I am devoted to my husband, our baby which is a Chinese Shar-Pei, Dusd, all my brothers (3), sisters (6-3 have passed on), nieces & nephews (20-1 has passed on), great nieces & nephews (25) & great, great nieces & nephews (3), as well as to my parents & my husbands daughter, her husband and our 4 grankids.
Lynda Mason-Genovese
An Hour with Justin Timberlake
455 days ago

WOW! I dvr the show everyday & all I can say is WOW ! Just watched the Mr. Timberlake episode I WILL NOT be erasing this one. That is one classy man. I agree, a variety show would be great. Thanks Ellen.

Lynda Mason-Genovese
4 Puppies Need a Home
455 days ago

Oh I would take them all if I had the $'s!

Lynda Mason-Genovese
Jennifer Aniston, Bryce Dallas Howard, Brittany Snow
460 days ago

I am so glad I watched this episode. Otherwise I wouldn't have know about the beautiful movie Call Me Crazy: A Five Story.
Many years ago, from grade school til the first half of high school, I had a best friend.
The summer between 6th & 7th grades, she lost a tremendous amount of weight, and wanted to be called by her middle name. She wanted to put that " fat " person behind her. I thought that it made sense and went along with her. Then she started doing stuff I couldn't understand. Acting " crazy ". Between 8th & 9th grades, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and hospitalized. Though it was very scary, I visited her there. I told her that because it scared me, if she didn't stay on the meds, & was hospitalized again, I would not visit her there but would still be her friend. She did go off meds because, " she was obviously better & didn't need them". No matter how many times I told her it was the meds that made her better, she wouldn't listen. I visited her. She was so much better when taking her meds. About 6 months later, I introduced her to one of my brothers friends, a genuinely great guy. She moved in with him shortly after ( she had a horrible living situation with her family, mom & dad alcoholics, 2 brothers physically & mentally abusive to her & their parents & anyone she brought to the house. Just horrible!).
Again she went off her meds. She phoned the police on her boyfriend & told them he was selling drugs, he was arrested & cleared of all accusations, & changing all the clocks to make her late for things & sending people to look in the windows to watch her.
Again she was hospitalized. I did not visit.
When she got out, I told her that if she went off again, we would no longer be friends. I kept that promise & have not spoken to her since. That was around 1974.
I still see her around the town we grew up mumbling to herself, & with known drug addicts, looking like a bag lady.
I work with the public in town though no longer live there, ( won't say where, but most people hate going there ! " )
She will sometimes come in and just sit on the benches staring at me. It's very uncomfortable but being a public building, my supervisors cannot ask her to leave.
The Lucy, and the Lucy & Allison one, made me feel guilty, the last one with Jennifer Hudson, made me realize, I can't help her if she doesn't help herself & want to get it under control.
The Grace one hit close to home also. My niece, whom I was very close to many years ago, was diagnosed as bipolar.
One nite I was babysitting her daughter, 2 years old, now 20 years old, while she & her husband went house hunting. I called the next day to see if they decided on a house, no answer. That night would be the last time we ever got together. She was told by her therapist that her family was causing her too much stress and she cut off all contact with us. She was finally diagnosed and started letting her parents back into their lives, but still believes her family is the cause of most of her problems. She too goes on & off her meds, but thankfully has a very caring & understanding husband.
My great niece, ( who we did get to see because of my sister, her grandma,) is a musician and sometimes plays gigs which the whole family goes to, and we'll see my niece. She will say hello, but that's about it. This movie has made me so feel for my great niece, because I never thought of what her life was like growing up in that environment. Just that I was angry at her mom because I didn't do anything to make her want to cut off contact. I took it personally. I've always known, deep down, that it was the illness, not me, but it didn't help. After seeing this great & beautiful movie, I want to reach out to both my niece & my old BFF. I think I'll start with my niece though, if I can get through to her, then I'll have more confidence going to my old friend.
Thank you Ellen, Jen and all the others for making this film. Please keep doing what you do!
I have shared it with all my friends on Facebook.
Be kind to one another.