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Lynda Ford
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141 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I very rarely watch television, but I do make sure that I watch you. You are very entertaining and upbeat, I love the gift you have of bringing the human person out of the celebrities that grace your stage. It is refreshing. I have a BIG HUGE favor to ask you. I know this is only one in a trillion possibility, but there is a video that's gone viral it is of a young African american student, who is standing, obviously, after school and this cruel evil person walks up behind her and pulls her wig off, exposing her bald head. I'm unsure how she handles this moment because the video ends. I know from experience that what people find funny, like this video, can create the next Columbine situation. This young woman had to have been devastated by this exposure, then for it to go viral.....omg. Will her family understand the suicide? This too is possible. I've experienced this same type cruelty and still can't believe I'm still alive. I built a center for children, but lost it. My dream is to help the bullied child or even adult, because you never know the deprth of cruelty people experience that turn them into school shooters, movie shooters, brake cutters, etc....the liers and evil persons are always protected, while their victims are left simmering in pain and mass destruction of spirit. If you can find this video I'm speaking of, please see if you have the resources to locate her and do something for her that will lift her head and destroy her enemies. Thank you for reading this Ellen and I pray you become a bully victims friends.