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Name lynda
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Hobbies hanging w friends, travelling; music and dancing; comedy clubs
About Me i am a recently widowed woman looking for someone to hang out w, dance; possibly go to a show w, a partner who can laugh and have fun but also be serious when needed: love comedy shows but want to meet and greet and take it from there!!!!
Message from Ellen
602 days ago

Hi Ellen,
Just want to let you know I never wanted anything but to be on your show. You have help me thur the years forever I remeber when you had your own show, I love it. All I every ask is to be on your show because you have got me though all kinds of thing in the past years. I lost my husband the day before Thanksgiving who was a Boston Firefight 4 years ago 11-26-08, then I lost my godchild 6 weeks later. You are the only show that I watch and feel so wonderful for everything you do for everyone. I am not asking for anything but to be in your show anytime you have a seat. I've written before about my beautiful friends we have been together since 1980 and we made a club in 1982 then and we named it the club of 1982, I told all my friends that we will one day get to see the Ellen show because I do beleive in you, know matter how long it take I hope to be at your show 1 day. Again nbot asking for anything just to have the pleasure of seeing you in person and to tell everyone that I finally made it to the Ellen show. Thanks for listening. Lynda Yalmokas

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616 days ago

word of the day is Holiday love you ellen you make everyone and everything better in this world. Be Kind to everyone.