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Lydia Arbizo
Name Lydia Arbizo
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Hobbies gardening, artmaking
About Me I am in a place in life that some called retirement. I call it time out to do the things we love. I take time to just sit and be fully present. I have begun meditating. Gardening is good hard work too. I also enrolled in two art classes at a community college. Glass blowing and ceramics and I enjoy these challenges.
Lydia Arbizo
Sophia Grace & Rosie, Hayden Panettiere
332 days ago

Dear Ellen,
I enjoy and watch your show. I have tried several times to enter into the chance to go to Australia contest. WHY? is the submit button missing? I have written and rewritten my reasons why I deserve to go and cant submit my applications. IS THIS A JOKE? I most certainly deserve to go to Australia. As an artist, my perspectives will shine through having this experience.
Sincerely yours, From a Fusion Artists, Lydia