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LV Washington
Message from Ellen
177 days ago

Happy Birthday to you, all the very best to my Birthday twin both born on the same day! I have written a January Song which I share with all my January friends. I've tried to get it to you and can't seem to find a way to send an audio file to you. (everything is video and won't except an audio mp3 format). Would love for you to hear our song that all the other January friends are enjoying on their special day! Peace, love (moons in the 7th house you know!)HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and all my best from the "January Child"! LV Washington.

LV Washington
Web Exclusive: Emily and Charlie Perform 'Break Again'
189 days ago

Once again, our birthdays are approaching! Every year I write and tell you our birthdays are on the same day, Jan. 26th. We may be one year, or the same in age. All I know is that it's getting a little close to the Big 6,,,0,,,! Anyway, I would like to send you the song that I wrote for my friends born in January. DOn't know how to send it. Can you let me know? People normally play it on their birthday.
Luv you, Keep doing YOU! January Child,
All best,