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Luisa Boudon Höppner
Name Luisa Boudon Höppner
Age 22
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Hobbies Listen to music, crafts, pets (6 dogs & 4 cats), watch EVERYDAY the videos of Ellen in YouTube and do as if I'm studying.
About Me I'm a Chilean fully in love with the show!! Here in Chile they don't air it, it's heartbreaking!!! I think that the way Ellen shows love and respect for people is beautiful. The way she makes people laugh even in the most difficult times is just a miracle. Plus, here in Chile we need more people like her defending equal rights for everyone. Gay couples I'm chile can't get married yet and the country is really headstrong about accepting the choices different people have, which I found ridiculous. Ellen eres lo mejor y me encanta tu show!!! Gracias por hacerme reír y emocionarme hasta las lágrimas. Eres una mujer hermosa e irradias alegría! Gracias linda!!!!
Luisa Boudon Höppner
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447 days ago

Thank you!!!!!! I feel as if my prayers were answered :) A few days ago I wrote in to tell you that the app wasn't available on the Chilean Store, now it is!!!! Now I'm going to try to take a break with my friends from college and play a while and I will definitively send you the video!!! You could have dipsy Chileans making you laugh!!! Hahahah

Love you Ellen!!!!!! <3

Luisa Boudon Höppner
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450 days ago

Ellen! I'm from Chile and I've seen every video you upload to YouTube, because here they don't air your show :( (it's heartbreaking!!!) I'm a huuuuge fan and you represent the best of humanity! Your love and kindness trhough laughter is what every people needs. I truly think you are an inspirations for all of us.

Anyways, the really bad news is that your app is not available in the Chilean App Store!! And if I try to change to the US store, my credit card is not accepted. Pleaseeee make the app available for us too!!!

I love youuuuu!! You are the most beautiful soul in television!
Besos desde Chile, linda Ellen!!!!!!