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Lucy Correia
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About Me Lost home & down to food stamps - but my husband & I are keeping it together. We know our Heavenly Father has not forgotten us.
Lucy Correia
Elton John, Lauren Graham
305 days ago

Ellen (or may I say Ms. Degeneres),
I have loved Elton John since I was 11yrs. old! I have seen him in concert 3 times (expensive tickets!) and I told myself I would not go see him again unless I am close enough to know it's really him. The last concert I saw him, he was with Tina Turner. Now you know my seats had to have been so high I couldn't tell who was singing, Tina or Elton.
There were also a couple of guys behind my sisters and I who were smoking pot, (weed), whatever. They were smoking enough that I thought I was Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. That last concert was great. I think.
Please say 'hi' to the richest gay man I will ever know. And tell him I back him up whenever someone says, "Elton John-he's gay!". I always answer back, "Hey! He's a rich gay man! Get it right!'
Thank you for at least reading my message to Sir Elton John.
Lucy (in the sky with diamonds) Correia