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Lu Behrens
Name Lu Behrens
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Hobbies volunteer dog training, volunteer dog rescue, art, snorkeling
About Me married, 1 son in college in NY, 5 poodle babies, 2 rescue, 1 tripod, all loved and spoiled
Lu Behrens
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250 days ago

So many pets needing rescue. People must spay and neuter. We take in 500 - 600 dogs a year. Our rescue is being shutdown with no one helping us find a new home. Our home of 7 years was a boarding kennel. She has decided if she dumps us she can make more money. So greedy and mean. We just don't know what to do. December 30th we must have adopted out all our dogs or they go to animal control.

Lu Behrens
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261 days ago

i volunteer at Spencer Pet Rescue. Apparently in the midwest its "cool" to throw acid on dogs. we have had many injured dogs, of all breeds. We have to heal them before adoption, the medical expense is breaking our rescue, but we wouldnt have it any other way. The dogs are always so sweet, the unconditional love you get from a pet, even ones who have been so abused, is just amazing. Unfortunately, our landlord at Spencer/Parker kennel doesnt see it that way, she keeps raising our rent so even with fund raisers, we cannot keep up. Yesterday she threw us out. How can a kennel owner, who makes her living boarding pets, throw out the rescue? Greed.
We have fostered out the few dogs we had, the cats are in a building separate from the kennel so she will leave them there, for a while.
Now we are trying to raise the money, any way we can, for our own place. We have the perfect land, we have the kennel blue prints, now we need donations. We are still fund raising, $2000 on the street corners with buckets. $3000 golf tourney, need more, our manager is being called everyday with people wanting to place their pets with us, or a stray, or abused and we have to say "you have to take it to animal control" everyone knows they put them down. Its just not right. Please help.