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louis Laurents
Name louis Laurents
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Hobbies Helping people with aids and cancer by being a friend and telling them to Never Give Up!!
About Me Love to watch Ellen show, Love to Dance, just now i have a bad back and cannot do too much dancing.
louis Laurents
Howie Mandel, Meryl Davis & Charlie White
133 days ago

Hello Ellen, Thank You for being you, and giving the World your very best!! i saw you show today with Mr. Howie on your show, he talk about his son having wayyyyyy to much Lever 2000 soap. i will say this i had just got back from the Dollar store,iam on a fixed income and i have to save on everything, but Lever 2000 is the best and i got to be clean, i got my soap power and couble of things i realy needed and i put 3 bars of Lever 2000 on there, for i needed them too, have family coming in from florida and wanted to have enough Lever 2000 for them, wll i had to put it back i didnt have enough to spare this time for it, So Mr. Howie was saying he would be happy to give some of his sons Lever 2000 to free up space that there was wayyyyy to much there, i would be hondered to have a few extra so i can share, could you please ask Mr. Howie to Please send me some. i do Love Howie also. so if he doesnt want to i will be ok. Love your show Ellen, i sent you a message before i forgot to add super to my email, so i dont know where that went .lol. hope you get this one, i will be checking my email. Many Blessing to you and yours, Mrs. Louis Laurents.