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Louie Nunez
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255 days ago

Hello I just wanted to talk a little about my wife. My wife (Susan) recently turned 38 and has been on dialysis for nearly 17 years of her life. She last her father at the age of 15 and her mother at the age 17. My wife has never asked for anything in her live. She helps anyone who needs help. The reason I am writing to you is sometimes my wife feels like her body is giving up on her. Its pretty hard to tell someone everythings gonna be ok. We have a 19 year old son and a 6 year old daughter. Sometimes I feel like I can't go on but my son is always there for me. One thing I wish for is hopefully some tickets to the eEllen show. My wife love to see her show everyday. I am actually at dialysis with her watching the show. Thats what gave me the idea. Well thanks again Louie