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lorrie Hickok
Name lorrie Hickok
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Hobbies cooking, gardening, mushrooming,fishing, reading and snuggling my grandson
About Me I am a 55 year old lesbian college student trying to get my bachelors of education in Family and Human Services at the University of Oregon (GO DUCKS). I have a partner of 5 years, a lovely daughter and fine son in law and the cutest little 2 year old grandson on the planet. I am a huge Ellen fan as she is an inspiration to one and all, especially to those who wish to help others! And she is funny as **** lol ...Be kind to one another :)
lorrie Hickok
Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
596 days ago

On your show today you said to go to our website and tell me what you really want in this world...where do we write this? I really want to be done with college ( I started at 50 and 2 more years to go in the Human Services program) with not a whole ton of debt...not that I dont want to pay it is just that Human Service workers do not get paid squat and I really want to work and help where I am needed most without worrying about a roof over my head or wether or not I can buy my grandboy a present for Christmas! I really blew off alot of my life...wasnt a great Momma and would love to be able to help my only daughter and her little family as much as she has helped me thru some very tuff times. As of now I am up to somewhere around 40k in school debt with 5 more terms at the University of Oregon left for my bachelors. Geesh I have been trying to sell my sweet classic truck now for like 6 months just so I can get above the water line a little and maybe have a couple hundred left to go see my parents for Christmas. Oh hell now I feel like I am begging lol..not really life is not that bad...just a few simple things I wish for...mostly I want to get out there and help others