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Lori Workman
Name Lori Workman
Joined 553 days ago
Hobbies crafting, loving my weiner dogs!
Lori Workman
It's Classic Joke Tuesday!
517 days ago

What happened to the man after he ate a whole can of alphabet soup? He was in consonant pain until he had a vowel movement.

Lori Workman
Does Your Sandwich Measure Up?
534 days ago

The 2 men measuring their sandwiches and coming up short..maybe it was cold that day.

Lori Workman
Ellen's Got Birthday Gifts!
550 days ago

HEY ELLEN!! LOVE the show! You're an amazing inspirational woman. I sent you a gift but its not your bust,,or your bust,,ha. I sent some clay critters I made to represent your audience and the joy you give them. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!