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Lori Trevino
Name Lori Trevino
Location Lubbock, Tx
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Hobbies Music! Concerts! Taking Pictures!
About Me What Can I Say About Myself That isnt Obvious, I Love To Smile, I Try To Stay Positive As Much As Possible, I Love Taking Pictures, I Love Listening To Music and Of Course I Try To Catch Ellen Everyday!!
Lori Trevino
An Hour with Justin Timberlake
461 days ago

What More Can I Say, I Love Ellen But Todays Show Was By Far One Of The Best, Having Justin On Made It That Much Better! Ive Adored Justin Since I Was 10yrs Old, Im 25 Now! Everytime He Went Threw a Decision With Movies or Music I Knew I Would Be There Supporting Him No Matter What! His Music is Soulful and Makes Me That Much More Excited To Know I Will Try and Meet Him Oneday So I Can Tell Him How Much He's Been Apart Of My Life Without Him Even Knowning Me! I Love Seeing a Wedding Band On His Finger Because i Know He's Truly Happy and Jessica Seems Like One Of The Best! So To Say I Love Justin isnt The Right Comment, Its More Like Justin is One Amazing Guy!