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Lori Taft
Name Lori Taft
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Hobbies playing with my grandchildren, making candles
Lori Taft
Got the Tree
243 days ago

You're in my parking spot!

Lori Taft
Caption This! Cute Surprise
244 days ago

Is that Ellen underware??? For ME?!?!

Lori Taft
Message from Ellen
246 days ago

This has been a difficult year. My daughter and grandson found her husband and his Daddy had died outside beside her car. We still don't know what happened. I am trying to help support them, as well as two of my other grandchildren. It has been difficult, however I do feel truly thankful that in spite of difficulties, we have each other. The children (two 4 year old boys and a 3 year old girl) make everything seem a little more minimal. Whether it be Trinity hugging me saying "I love you Gramma" or watching Christopher (one of the 4 yr olds) dancing the gangum style which always makes me smile. I've always tried to teach my children and am now hoping to pass on to grandchildren, that no matter how bad you think you have it - there is always someone who has it worse and to focus on the things you do have and be thankful. And for that - I am very rich... I have my children and grandchildren!