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262 days ago

maybe you can help my family in home lender offered us a lower payment we paid for 7months and then they stopped because we didnt sign something we didnt receive.and when i contacted them i received a letter for their law firm Morris and ass. on behalf of seterus inc it stated that that my loan was sent to them in error,the sale had been stopped and my file closed but we still lost our home on aug 22nd and now my 9am tomorrow we will be homeless..because they are dragging there feet to answering why and working with me b/c there are to many mistakes,,,i need a miracle either some one to stop the eviction or buy my house and let us pay them for it something...i just know this is wrong i mean we will loose our home and have no were to go and our rescue dogs and cat and a blind kitten will probably have to be surrendered. please help me