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Lori Liles
Name Lori Liles
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Hobbies cooking spending time with my family and helping out anyone who needs it
About Me I am 49 and have four children ages 30,25,13,9 and i have three grandchildren ages 13,11,5 whom i adore all of them and most of them live with me I try to stay busy as i can so my children dont miss out even if i cant move well i will put a smile on my face for my kids or anyone that is in need and just do it my little ones were in a haunted house and we volunteered our time for three weeks but was worth the cause i love life i wont bore you with all my medical problems cause it is a long list i have the best kids in the world and they are all very talented in there own ways the youngest they said she was not a baby just a sack and a week later there was a heartbeat the dr was so surprised and then they said she would not live longer than two hours after her birth but she is almost nine in a couple of days and she is healthy and whats to be an actress and she is really good my son plays football and he is really good just has problems with kids picking on him alot i could go on and on about my family oh and by the way i have the greatest parents in the world
Lori Liles
Tell Us About an Act of Kindness
226 days ago

I have a nine yr old who is bullied eceryday that at first she didnt want to even go to school but instead she wrote a play about it and how it makes you feel but they still have not let her do her play she gets bullied at church also she has a big heart and would do anything for anyone when i was pregnet with her they said there was no baby and a week later there was a heart beat then they said she would die a few hours fter birth but she is stll going strong i know she ishere for something special we say she is alot like taylor swift cause when he gets hurt she writes songs lol but god has put her here to make a difference im sure of that she is going to change peoples lives for the good

Lori Liles
Lady Gaga on Her Boyfriend
243 days ago

I think it was amazing what lady gaga did for that homeless man when she hugged him and he said he smelled and she said that is ok i smell to she could have walked away or judged him but she embraced him what an amazing person she is she has not let fame change her i give her two thumbs up and thank god for people like you

Lori Liles
Win All the Prizes from Day 4 of 12 Days!
596 days ago

Ellen it would be so great if you would pick my family to win we lost our home last year but at we do have a roof over our head and i am thankful for that my husband works really hard to make sure we have food in our mouths as for i am unable to work and feel bad that i let my family down because i am unable to financially help my children who are 9 and 12 and my grand daughter who is 12 would be happy to receive anything this year my daughter would love to have a christmas tree that we cant afford this would be a true miracle for them to wake up christmas morning and have gifts to open i know you have alot of people who write every year and im sure you will make the right choices. My son in law was just released from the military so right now we have seven people living in a two bedroom apartment but no matter what we all have each other but if you could just make a tree happen for my little girl she would love it her birthday is on the 12 of this month hint hint lol hope you have a great day and many more you are truely one of gods angles love ya ellen

Lori Liles
Find Out How You Can Win 12 Days Prizes!
597 days ago

Hi Ellen i think you are such a wonderful giving person you bring so much joy to people each and everyday most people do not take the time to give back but you try to give back each and everyday even with just a dance. Yes i would love to win the twelve days of christmas but i know there is alot of people in need the one thing i would like is a christmas tree for my 9yr old she would really love one this year but can not afford it so if anyone has one they are willing to give away in tn just let me know will find away to pick it up and ellen you keep doing all that you do you have a ticket straight to heaven im sure of that