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About Me Mother of five adult children; three of whom have disabilities. Working hard at one job while trying to build a business for our retirement. Much busier than I would like to be.
Lori Keech
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John!
595 days ago

Ellen: I posted for our daughter, Saunda, a disabed vet, requesting an electric wheelchair and lift. Just as important is an outlet for her story in the hopes that it would be a catalyst for change within the VA system. It is critical for the VA to understand that not every disease can take a numbe and wait. Had our daughter gotten the treatment she needed up front, she woud still be working. Know this, in 17 months she has not had a day with her pain level less than four. For the most part is is much higher. And know that with this disease you can cut the limbs off and the pain does not go away. It is a brain malfunction that effects the extremities. It's complicated. Either way, if the electric wheel chair and lift are not an option, can you help us find a way to get her story out there so the beaureaucy will step up to the plate on this.It could be a catalyst for change in the system that is much needed
Thanks so much and God Bless
Lori Keech