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About Me I am a 48 year old single black female who is finishing my masters degree in psychology and try to do good towards people
Lori Irvin
Thank You, Shutterfly!
273 days ago

Ellen I just stared watching your show this season and I love it. I stopped working in 08 to take care of my sister who was diagnosed with breast cancer. We lost her on 09 and she left a 3 year old son. He is now 7 and spends the summers with me. I have been unable to find a job. I did however go back to school and I am 2 classes away from my masters in psychology. When he left last summer he asked me when I was going to get a flat screen tv. I have 3 analog TV's and I wanted to know how I could win a TV. I see you giving them away almost daily and I really need one. Besides that he is now 7 and is reading on a 8th grade level, He lives in Cincinnati with his dad so I don't see him like I would like because my car will not make that drive, but his dad does bring him every chance he gets. I really need a tv and a car but I will very happy if I could somehow win a tv.