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Lori Dmitrovich
Name Lori Dmitrovich
Location Reseda, Ca
Age 57
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Hobbies spin classes, fishing w/my brother,kayaking,yoga
About Me I love the ocean and anything to do with the outdoors. In fact, at 55...I'm gonna do my first 6 mile mud run obstacle course~scary but excited! I have a new cat from the pet adoption agency that I love up to the sky! I'm so lucky to have such a loving & playful boy in my home.(besides my husband).
Lori Dmitrovich
Wanda Sykes, Kevin Pollak
606 days ago

I'm lost too Deborah! I've been trying to get just one (1) ticket to see Ellen for month's. Any month....not even 12 days!I've never been. Just wanna see her and be there for a show! Maybe if we get together, we'll get two tickets, become new besties AND see her show? Wadaya think?