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Lori A.
Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
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Hey Ellen, I'm a married mother of three beautiful children, and 9 other daycare children! That's right, I'm a daycare mom. So first off I want thank you for providing me with an end of day laugh each and everyday. Sometimes this job gets a little stressful and busy and your show happens at air here at 4pm right when my daycare day is almost over, so you provide my daily stress relief. What I would like out of life is to finally finish my degree that I went to school for almost 13 years ago. I went to college for medical assisting. I quit going because I was young and I couldn't affford the cost anymore. I fell in love and starting having children and decided that being a daycare mom would be the perfect fit as I could stay home and watch my children grow along with making money. All these years later and I still enjoy what I do, but truly wish I could be in the medical field that I long to be in. I love to help people and to be able to get back in that career field would be my dream come true. My husband works full time and obviously so so I. With the three children though there just is no extra money to put towards my "dream." This money would be the answer to a prayer I have prayed so long for! Happy Holidays.......