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Loretta Veney
Name Loretta Veney
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About Me i'm 66 years of age, i have 3 children, that i birthed and 3 that are my children by association. i claim many grandchildren and i have one great granddaughter.i am a minister of the Gospel, and i work as a school nurse.
Loretta Veney
Cinco de Mayo Pub Quiz, Ellen Pompeo
446 days ago

hello again ellen, i missed the show today, i know it was great as usual. i have a granddaughter who is in the lion king on broadway, she plays the young nala. her mom has had a difficult time in trying to find an apt for her and bobbi. they have been traveling to manhattan via bolt, and mega bus and at times the train. do you know anyone who would be willing to rent a one bedroom to them so they would not have to travel on bus/train everyday. on days she has to be there early they stay at a hotel in the city. thank you for taking time to read this.

Loretta Veney
You Write, Ellen Responds!
447 days ago

hi ellen, i love your show, and i watch it whenever i am home. i work three days a week as a school nurse. you have the best talk show, give away show and entertaining. i share the happiness of those who win things and are given things that make them happy. may God continue to bless you to continue to do what you do for people. love you ellen.