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Lois Kite
Name Lois Kite
Location Russellville, Tennessee
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Hobbies Love walking, watching football games, gardening, shopping when I have money, hanging with my daughter
About Me I am 53 yrs old, stay home mom. I worked all my life as a single mother of two. In 1999 I had some news no woman wanted to hear at the age of forty! I was pregnant had a son graduating high daughter married in college had a grandchild and now me having another child! Wow!!! I accepted it after about 8 mos. but, now I thank God for her healthy girl 12 now. I had two back surgeries in 2007 which put me out of work permantly so I went through a deep depression because I had to work all my life! I lost my parents when I was young with cancer. Me and my siblings had to go to go children's home because we were a family of 7. I didn't get to be raised with my brothers and sisters we were raised here and there in foster homes. In December of 2011 I lost my son of an over dose on drugs. He was my world, my best friend, only son, he never left home, momma boy, baby, he was everything to me! Ellen when I lost him I went down hill and still going, I'm on so much depression medicine all I want to do is stay in keep all curtains and doors shut. I stay in the bed until its time for me to go pick up my daughter from school. I don't get out anymore unless it's a have to case I make myself go grocery shopping it's so hard knowing I don't have all my kids. I miss him so much seems like all the time there are times I want to tell him things I wouldn't tell anyone else. He was my best friends and I'm sure I was his. I was the Bly one he relied on. He was 28 when he passed away never been married no kids. I always wanted him to at least have a baby but, he didn't. I wanted him to carry the Kite name him and only one more cousin can carry the generation kite on. So this is pretty much me today. If you can cheer me up in anyway this year please so this will be my hardest without all my family. Thanks and love you and your show