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Hobbies Love the ocean most of all of God's creations--but I am scared of some things that trickle and ooze along the earth. I love sunrises and sunsets, especially over the Ocean like to boogie board in the ocean/ run along the ocean?walk doggies/ bicycle ride/ roller blade/ hike regional trails/ boogie board/ tubing on water or snow/ I would love to zipline but I have not yet, also Hang-glide, para-sail I would love to learn to surf.
About Me I love the Pacific Ocean and this is the only reason I live so far from my family, and I love to be close to my mom. But, I am not as close as I'd like to be: I need permission from my step-father to take her on an adventure. I know at I would love for My Mom and Dude(my step-father), Dad and Linda( Chicagiians in the Land of Lincoln, My sister Cathy and Her family, my Bro David and His family, and of course my Bestest Friend in the Whole Galatical Universe and Her family and Her Lovely Mom come to my 50th Birthday this Thanksgiving at Pismo Beach in Cali to see the Monarch cover the trees in Grover Park. I enjoyed visiting my sister's favorite Atlantic beaches along the Southern States' Emerald Coast, with family.
Nicole Richie and Nina Conti
645 days ago

Hey Ellen,
THANKS TO YOU and a thought from Deepak Choprah : everything you experience in this moment is as it should be. So, thanks to this thinking INCORPORATED IN MY LIFE, I feel free to really enjoy the experience of dancing ANYWHERE; as DANCE is THE TRUE EXPRESSION OF JOY. I dance at work whenever the music moves me.

Upon visiting your show, [10/16/12 Tues] Yea, as guest #134 is my chance to live in that moment, and DANCE FREELY.
ANYWAYS, before we get to the dancing on the set. IN THE WAITING ZONE, I answered a QUESTION ABOUT "WHAT I LIKED ABOUT YOUR SHOW...and one thought leads to another. I wrote: "I love Carol Brunette, too, like you."
But this POWERFUL WORD must be explained: on the paper I was hoping that you understand my THOUGHTS AS THEY SHOULD BE,
I know you like Carol Brunette's delivery of GENUINEness, and I want to edify, that your genuineness is what I and most of the people I know love ABOUT YOU. For clarification's sake, this letter will HELP...i hope.

The part of life ENJOYED, is that pleasure to visit comedy shows like your VARIETY. The pleasure SHARED comes from your natural candor like Carol Brunette: she is so polite, AND YOU ARE SOOO POLITE, TOOOO. I LOVE HER CANDOR AND THE NICEST EXPERIENCE IS THE WAY YOU DELIVER, AS WELL AS I LOVE YOUR EXPRESSIONS OF POLITE HUMOR, TOO.
HOWEVER, Not to be rude, I do not even know you to say "I love you, so what I meant to say was "I love your DELIVERY OF COMEDY" like I love Carol Brunette's delivery of comedy. I hope that you get this. I did not mean to make you feel uncomfortable, but APPRECIATED for the GIFT YOU SHARE.
In my life SHARING IS CONTAGIOUS I LOVE TO SHARE: so I left a gift to SHARE, BECAUSE IT IS SOMETHING YUMMY TO SHARE: PLEASE ENJOY WITH YOUR WIFE: E-BIRD'S ARE SO AMAZING and amazing things should be shared, so ENJOY with your wifey. Plus, the sea salt on chocolate caramels are amazing. In the moment, THANKS TO Rachel Dunn CHOCOLATES WE CAN ENJOY HER GIFT OF MAKING FINE CONFECTIONERIES and the way they melt in your mouth...yea! I LOVE THE gift of life. MY GIFT IN LIFE is TO SHARE...You can ask every/anybody who knows me, that I DANCE and like to share.
Again, thank you for sharing the Laughter over the YEARS..."I'm so glad we had this time together..." it's her song that we looked forward too. Okay, so voila' = CAROL BRUNETTE comes to mind. So FRESH ans so Delightful she made us welcomed with a pleasure to ENJOY her variety shows. I STAYED UP WATCHING HER INFOMERCIAL, last Sunday night before your show. I feel privileged to be her audience. You think there is a way we can be thankful for Carol Brunettes commitment of Polite Candor? I wanted to thank you, too. for your COMEDY, like her COMEDY MAKES YOU FEEL IT IS YOUR COMEDY I LOVE, THE WAY YOU ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE = TRULY A GIFT. Thank you for sharing.

However, Not to be rude, I don't personally know you, so I am not one of those crazy people drawn to love you, I ENJOY you, "enjoy" IS A MUCH BETTER WORD and I love your POSITIVE PERSONA = like Carol Brunette's variety shows EXPRESSED ON STAGE...THANKS. To let this comment written on paper be, LIKE FOREST GUMP, like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get and so you accept the fact THAT it is just sweet and yummy already. Thank you. You ought to be thankful, and I am thankful to God for you, Ellen. I just wanted you to feel comfortable and not question that POWERFUL WORD I USED.
Like, I DON'T even KNOW know that song... LIKE, YOU DON'T KNOW ME; BUT, at least, I DO LIKE what I see in YOU.
So in all be thankful you share TWO of the best things in life with everyone: LAUGHTER AND DANCE plus a bonus: APPLAUSE.