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About Me Single mom,with a precious, beautiful, funny six year old. No job, Not dating for over 6 years, since I had Paula, no income, not even EDD have been able to pay me for 3 months. I have to ask for a hearing on why am I not payed for these months. Looking for job with no luck finding one. But I do have something for certain, a side of my love for my 2 girls,(daughter and mother).. my family.. I have " My dream ", to have my own business. I am a certified montessori teacher and with over 15 years in working with children and over 20 years as an administrative assistant. I love to take care of my daughter and my house. Enjoy being a mom, but would love to work while my daughter is at school and my mother at the adult daycare and be here with a clean house and a good and healthy meal for them on the table and just talk when sitting together and ask about their day. Is that to bad or to hard to wish for..??? because that is my dream...! of course would love to meet someone..even she!! my daughter has had conversations with me about this...when she was 5 1/2..she started talking about this and asking questions..about her dad..Her dad is in Mexico city and does not see her daughter...She told if I could be sexy (loose weight)and be all beautiful with makeup and meet a friend..That she would help me find someone, to also be her dady and have trips as a family, she also said, that she does not want me to be alone...that last part got me! I could not believe she was saying all this..I told my family and friends and just couldn't belive it...It was if a very good friend was sayingt these things to me..only it was my five year old daughter wishing this things for me and us..I have asked for money to have my business, no one has been able to lend me some..not even her dad when he said that he would help..Instead of me looking for work and have doors closed up..I could be working my busniess to success...Beacuse that is what I know will happend. My dream business is to open a school/daycare for children ages 3 to 5 and prepare them for kindergarden...I want it in a home care enviroment with a nice fenced back yard with beautiful grass and some playground for them to cement or dirt...inside I want one big open space where they can have a fully equiped montessori enviroment..and with activiy materials for inside and outside, have pets; dogs, cats, ducks, what ever is legal to have in their house, and have people stop by and teache them about exotic animas that will not be in school( spiders, snakes..) I am sure they will love them but i don't (ugh). Everything must be at there height..sinks, toilets, table, shelves..etc..even the frames on the wall, that will be occupied with their work and pictures among other masterpieces...after all, it is there environment right?? it is all their's only for them...I do love children and understand them..they give me life...But, still cant find the means to open my little school..I just have to keep on wishing and hoping that it will happend sometime soon, after 27 years..I will still be patient and try to make it happend...I also have my adorable and sweet mother living with me..she is still very beautiful and strong...the only thing is that she has alzehimer's level 2 (short term memory loss)..and that makes it very know..? My very smart and knowledgealbe mother is dissapearing right in front of me...and I also have to keep up with her..make sure she uses shampoo, conditioner, clean clothes, change clothes, giving her, her medicine and make sure I hide the medication or she well get to it and take it as she wishes... It saddens me greatly...If only I could talk about her story, her life..she had a great heart for helping the needy especially children..She helped children and gave unconditionally, help and love to women...She was vice-president of Soroptomist Association and traveled the world, met interesting people, went to the united nations and was amazed by all the liders of the world making decisions for millions..she was very impressed. She was always eagered to learn, loved could ask her anything about anyone, witers, nobel prize winners, inventeros, artist, political, succesfull interpreneurs..I mean anything...she new!! who this person was, or event. Everybody and everyone spoke highly of her..she touched many with her warm heart and the will to help others, while keeping up with our lives her family as well..(husband and 7 children,I am # 7.) She is an amazing women, wife, mother, daughter and sister.. I miss that look in her eye, you know?? that strong but loving and kind look.. know it just seems lost..her charming, loving way is also changing..her temper gets a bit more noticeable..It is by far a truly SAD disease...i still remember when she had to go on a trip..waking up very early in the morning..3 or 4 am..and she was there looking at me in a very loving way..touching my hand and giving me a sweet kiss goodbye..She knew I would wake up to go to school and she would not be there...I mean I could go on..there is so much to tell..just an amaizing life..Love her, love my family.