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Liza Kates
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About Me I am a lucky mom of two amazing daughters and I have a great husband and a funny and loving dog. I have been volunteering for the PTA and other local organizations for 10 years and I am also huge advocate for the arts for children.
Liza Kates
Relief for Sandy
623 days ago

Thank you so much for all of the compassion and air time you are devoting to those severely affected by Hurricane Sandy. I am a PTA volunteer and have started in a program in New Jersey called Hurricane Sandy Children's Art Reflections Project. This program is an off-shoot of a national PTA art competition. We will have two art days for the children most affected by the storm in Hudson /Northern Bergen counties and one in the South Jersey shore area.

We will have art therapists, art teachers and student volunteers to help the children make art in a safe, nurturing and fun environment. I saw the exhibit The Day our World Changed: Children's Art of 9/11 and was so moved by the experience. I wanted to give something to these children who have suffered the loss of their homes, neighborhoods and schools, and allow them to express their feelings and emotions through art. I am hoping that we can have these art days be a therapeutic day for the children and their families and then assemble the works into a show that can travel throughout the state of New Jersey. We have had an unbelievable outpouring of support for those people in need and still displaced from their homes. I am hoping a program like this will be another comfort to the children.

I am hoping you can help us by providing art supplies or money for art supplies for the children to come with their families and create art in a safe, nurturing and creative environment. We have art therapists, art teachers and volunteers who will be helping us with the program. I have reached out to the NYU Child Study Center for help and The School of Visual Arts through their art therapy masters program. Also I must include that is a volunteer operation, all supplies will be donated, as well as time from professionals. Our time frame we are looking at is a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in early to mid- December and I am hoping to have 600+ people over the course of the two events.

Any support of our event will be greatly be appreciated, or any special surprise guest appearances would be awesome for the children!

I also wanted to add a personal note how much I appreciate your show and how it has cheered up my teenage daughter who has been having a very challenging time with allergy issues and her school. She is always cheered up and smiling when she watches your show. She especially loved the Halloween episode, Sophia Vergara is her favorite character from her favorite comedy, Modern Family. Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary!