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Ellen, I love your show, your show made me feel happy even though my mum had just passed away while I was visiting her in UK. I would love to receive tickets to any up coming show. I will be in UK spreading my mum's ashes over Bridlington Beach in Yorkshire UK at the end of May. Please keep in doing what you are doing.
Please also book Naughty Boys with Sam Smith on your show - the LaLaLa song is the absolutely the best. The lyrics say so much, I work with child as a computer teacher, I know that some children are apart of families with issues and children Do not and Should not have to deal with parents yelling all the time. It's not healthy. Thanks, Liz Tang

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451 days ago

The absolute best moment on your show ever was when you announced you and Portia where to be engaged May 2008. When you find the right person you know - my husband an I have been married for 36 years and people where against us just like you have found in thie cruel ignorant world, because we are a Interracial couple.

Good luck to you and I love love your show.