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Liz Cromley
Name Liz Cromley
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Hobbies Riding horses and making quilts
About Me Hoping 2014 is better than 2013 jan in the hospital ICU, then in april i had a bad horse wreck broke and tore everything in my left foot, in oct totalled my brand new car and broke the plate in my right wrist i really want this year to end. Been married 20 years never had a honeymoon and never been on a vacation, need money to go on vacation so we stayed home and raised our children and now we have 3 grand children
Liz Cromley
Day 12 of 12 Days, Katy Perry
221 days ago

Hello Ellen,
My girlfriend and i were supposed to be at your show tommorow, but i totalled my
Brand new car. I am going to miss not seeing you or kate perry and most of all
Your great giveaway. I will see you in 2014 for sure, at least nothing happened
To the man i hit having his 100th birthday. Merry christmas and happy new year
Liz cromley