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Name Liz
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Hobbies GSD Rescue & Card Making
About Me I'm part of a Rescue Group here in New Zealand & its a big part of my life. I'm very passionate about the GSD breed & own 3 beautiful rescued German Shepherds. I also design & make greeting cards, this was stared because when a friend lost her GSD I went to the store to buy a Loss of Pet card & just couldn't get one & so Pawfect-Pets began.
Keith Urban, Michael Ealy
266 days ago

Hi Ellen, I'm from New Zealand & watch your show everyday with out fail. I love the way you acknowledge the animals, ppl in need & the joy you just bring to many, you are a wonderful amazing person. Today the show that aired here was about the Fire Fighters saving the 2x 8week old puppies. Needless to say I shed a few tears. I'm part of a Rescue Group here in NZ for German Shepherds, so I know all about rescuing pets & have 3 rescued GSD's of my own, all with different issues. I know that our Rescue wouldn't be able to enter, so I would like to nominate S.H.A.R.E located in Ft Lauderdale area. I follow these guys on Face Book & it is unbelievable the lengths they go too to help these animals in need. They make sure that vet treatment is obtained straight away with out question & then they fund raise after, but its always the dogs first. I have shed many tears following this Rescue Group. They do have the support of a wonderful Vet but still the vet bills have to be paid. I could go on & on but won't, so I hope that you will consider Share for your $100,00.00 donation, I know they would be forever grateful as would every other Rescue group. Thank you for everything you do. Regards Liz (NZ)