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liyah coles
Name liyah coles
Location Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia
Age 24
Joined 394 days ago
Hobbies BEING ACTIVE !! gym daily, dancing, basketball, trekking. TRAVELING - seeing as many countries as possible!
About Me Currently teaching english in Chongqing, China. Will be returning home after 3 years to finish my BA degree with a major in psychology. I love animals, traveling, and sports. Just trying to live a positive, healthy lifestyle.
liyah coles
Miley Cyrus, and 'Twilight'!
394 days ago

Hi Ellen, you don't know me, clearly but I know you ! I'm 23 and from Nova Scotia Canada, and have been teaching english in China for the past 3 years.
I can tell yah, life is a lot different over here. Not to mention there are no english channels. ANYWAYS I am just happy to say that I get to see some of your short clips on podcast, which I love! When im feeling blue, lonely, or home sick, I literally tune to you.
Ellen, you have this personality that makes people glow. As soon as I see your laughing, smiling, telling jokes and funny storys, I forgot my problems, even if it is for a short time.

Ellen, it was my mother to got me interested in your show as a young teenage. We would laugh together at the things you would do.
You truely are special.

I am returning home in 1 month, after 3 years, and I can't WAIT to sit down and watch a full show of yours with my mother.
Hopefully one day, I can attend your show, one day.

You truely are special, Ellen.

Liyah (: