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Lisa Vecchitto
Can Ellen Help You Fulfill a Dream?
245 days ago

Hi Ellen:
I am at the end of my rope. I have faced many obstacles in the past couple of years. Divorce 2010. Hysterectomy 2011. Then a most devastating diagnosis, a brain tumor in June of 2012. This is when my life really started falling apart. I learned of my tumor in April of 2012 and not knowing the outcome, I delayed the surgery til June so I could see my daughter graduate high school. The surgery was a grueling 7 hours long and consisted of not only removing a baseball size tumor within my skull, but also finding another tumor on my brain. The baseball size tumor grew within my skull requiring a portion of my skull to be replaced with titanium and plastic, followed with 32 staples. Although my tumors were not cancerous, I am not without lasting affects from this devastating surgery.

I was out of work for 6 months. For 4 of those months I was not paid. When I did go back to work it was on a part time basis. I had to go back in order to keep my insurance. As you might figure finances were very tight. I was living on savings and child support. When I went back to work, the part time wages helped. But, soon that would change too. My employer wanted me to work full time but I didn't have clearance from my doctor yet, so they let me go. When they did I lost my insurance.

During all of this my son was have great difficulty with everything going on. I tried to help every way I could. I got him counseling in and out of school, but that wasn't good enough. He and previously estranged father dreamed up lies about me in a court of law and my son went to live with his father. I haven't spoken to him since March 2013. I don't know what I did wrong. That left me without child support, and the medicaid insurance I depended on to get treatment for the problems I continue to have after my brain tumor surgery.

So, to sum up my life right now. I am exhausting my unemployment this month with no knowledge if there will be an extention, I haven't had insurance since my dismissal in May 2013 and haven't seen a doctor, my house is in danger of foreclosure, I have an application on hold at the Social Security Disability Department with a decision that they can't inform me of until they review their employees performance because my application was one of the lucky ones chosen.

I don't know where to turn. I have tried to work with all my bill collectors. I am having great difficulty finding a job with all my ailments. I just hope there is a way you can help a person like me. I am a good person. I ask myself what I did to deserve all this. And I ask myself how much more of this I can take.

Thank you for listening Ellen.

Lisa Vecchitto
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