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Lisa Sicora
Name Lisa Sicora
Location Isle, MN
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Hobbies Social media, fashion, music, sweepstakes, family, cooking & ELLEN watching!
About Me Married mother of 2 beautiful daughters - 25 & 20
Lisa Sicora
Chris Kluwe, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
558 days ago

Ellen, you know that I love you more than all of my money. However, as a former proofreader and A student in English. My man, Minnesota Viking, Chris Kluwe does indeed kick like a God, but his first name is not Christ. This may be very flattering to him, but not accurate. I still love you, and your wonderful staff! Just wanted to point this out, as you, dear Ellen, are almost perfect in my eyes, and your web page should be just as wonderful! I need no thank you, no, no, no...maybe a trip to see you or the 12 days prizes, er, no...that's ok. It is well within my soul that I have helped you, in some small way.
Your goofiest and most adoring fan, Lisa Sicora

Lisa Sicora
Win All The Prizes from Day 2 of 12 Days!
596 days ago

These giveaways are amazing! Thank you, Ellen for all you do! You're the greatest!