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Lisa Price
Name Lisa Price
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Hobbies Working out, reading, writing.
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Lisa Price
What's Wrong with That Cat?
275 days ago

Wow, that's a really fat cat....

Lisa Price
Kaley Cuoco, Padma Lakshmi, Keone and Mariel Madrid
284 days ago

I love The Big Bang Theory! My favorite character is Sheldon.

Lisa Price
Ellen Stole Bo Obama
290 days ago

Okay Ellen, who dog is that really? LMBO- he really looks like Bo-Obama... Only Ellen. :-)

Lisa Price
Perplexing Poolside Practices
291 days ago

Wow, wonder what the sun is thinking? Shine or sunset?

Lisa Price
Kevin Hart Saved Ludacris
292 days ago

I'm in tears just watching this one.. Ellen you are absolutely crazy! OMG, Kevin Hart...

Lisa Price
Ellen and Portia Go Hiking
292 days ago

Ellen did the water taste like Vodka! lol

Lisa Price
It's a Great Day for Equality
296 days ago

Love you Ellen and Portia! I can't watch you by television because of my work hours but I see video clippings of the show. I guess thats better than nothing. I love to laugh Ellen so I make sure I go on your website everyday to watch the videos! I hope to meet you in person oneday...Love is the driving force of life and will defeat all negative energies... Muaaaach!!!!!!

Lisa Price
You Write, Ellen Responds!
298 days ago

I hope all is well with you and your good spirit. Ellen, I watched some of your past shows/videos and I swear you are hilarious. Your silliness/jokes make me laugh. Every moment I have to spare-I catch you on TV, video or where ever I can find you to get my laugh for that day. Thank you for the awesome gift God has given you and might I add-it is a great gift. I love comedy Ellen and I have seen many comedians over the years but they cannot keep me laughing continuously as you do! I Love you Ellen and keep up the great work that you do. CAN I CLONE YOU!