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lisa oddo
Name lisa oddo
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Hobbies helping animals, helping people, crafting from pinterest, riding, reading, waxing people..
About Me Im a new nurse who was an esthetian makeup artist, who loves life and wanted to change my life and give back to others, since the storm sandy hit us there on long island I have been volunteering and it makes me feel good to give back, I wish I made enough money to help all the shelters here on long island new york.. I want to make a difference in the world.. love to laugh and solve problems and create, im very spiritual person who believe in paying forward... live love laugh
lisa oddo
Caption This! Cat-astrophe
436 days ago

So you rip all this white stuff off until you reach the magic prize which is inside the tube thingy, and then hmm I know theres a prize inside somewhere.... really ? because from up here it just looks like you made a mess..

lisa oddo
A Cat in the Manger
584 days ago

Please help long island pets, there are several shelters that are housing pets that lost there homes due to hurricane sandy, The amazing people at GAURDIANS OF RESCUE, AND RESCUE INK, are a group of rugged men, and beautiful woman who have been trying to find foster homes for pets until there owners can go back to there homes, we are in need of support, the shelter is packed and they are trying to rebuild the shelter that was effected by sandy becasue it was on the water.. this team of men and women all volunteered to make cat homes with large plastic tubs filled with hay so the cats would have someplace to go in the cold, then the cats that were rescued were all sick and need medication. please look them up on line or facebook, rescue ink and gaurdians of rescue, they are amazing, with out them most of the long island animals would be in trouble.. thank you lisa oddo