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Lisa Mae Brunson
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Lisa Mae Brunson
Ellen's Audience Sings 'Bad Romance'
247 days ago

In my defense, I was dancing my butt off and was not prepared for singing! LOL! Next thing I know, there was a mic in my hand and I had no idea what the lyrics were to the song at that moment in time... so... I... IMPROVISED! I demand a 'do over!' LOL! I knew I was going to manifest being on the Ellen show, but not in the form of national embarrassment. ; ) I'm going to rock it anyway! Thanks Ellen, I had a lot of fun! And frankly speaking, Lady Gaga created a new fan out of me... I absolutely loved the 'realness' of the interview. Maybe now I will actually take care to learn the words to her songs so that next time I am on the spot, I can rock it for real. ; )