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Lisa M. Stachoviak
Name Lisa M. Stachoviak
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Hobbies Dance, sing, walking, swimming and writing. I love to make people laugh and feel comfortable as well.
About Me I am a tall good looking boob less wonder who has survived cancer. I have had many surgeries in my life time and have had a near death experience twice in my life thus far. When I was 25 in 1985 I had my first near death experience. It was a Cranio Hematoma and I died for a handful of minutes. I had to relearn things and after back surgery in 1991 when I was 31 the door to college opened up for me. It took me 7 years to graduate. Because of my medical history I was given 4 years of extensive testing dealing with my learning difference as well as seeing a psychologist. After all was said and done with the testing, I was told they did not even know how I was even able to be in college. They felt my visual was so superior that it was the reason why I was able to do it and I graduated with an approximate 3.0 GPA. My degree is in English with a creative writing emphasis and I have a minor in dance. When I was 49 in 2009 I had to have cataract surgery in both eyes. Before the surgeries were scheduled I did my yearly mammogram and the results showed tumor on my left breast muscle wall. After the biopsy I received a call letting me know I had breast cancer. I found this out in September of 2009. I let my eye doctor know about my breast cancer to make sure the doctor was abreast about my situation. We were moving forward with the surgeries on my eyes. They would do one eye at a time. Now going back to my breast cancer. When I saw my Oncologist she wanted to give me chemo before surgery. I replied no and said to remove both breasts. First a Cat Scan had to be done and the results showed a baseball size tumor on my ovaries. Great! I was like really? The doctor told me I had to have the surgery downstairs before the breast surgery could be done. He then told me the incision would go upward towards my belly. He told me at this time he did not know what it was. It could be ovarian cancer, breast cancer or benign and the reason for cutting up towards my belly button was in case he found cancer. This by the way was a tad bit overwhelming. It was in October of 2009 when I had the total hysterectomy and there was no cancer downstairs. At the time of this surgery I was still putting drops in my right eye from the cataract surgery. My left eye was already done. It was in December of 2009 when I had the bi lateral mastectomy. The doctor removed a couple of lymph nodes from under my right arm and five from under my left arm. They found cancer in one of the lymph nodes under my left arm and December 22, 2009, the lymph nodes under my left arm were removed. February 9, 2010, I had the port put in and on February 10, 2010, I received my one and only chemo treatment. A week after the port was put in I was septic and close to dead. I had a temperature of 104 and could only lay down and sleep. I was hospitalized for a few weeks. As of recent past, I have had a scope done on my left knee and know need a knee replacement and I have bricitus and sciatica in my right hip. I have also served my country from 1979-1983. This is just a breakdown of some of the things I have experienced. As far as my personality, I am an upbeat person who looks at the positives in life. I am kind, intelligent, have a very giving heart, athletic, empathetic, gullible and I try to embrace life. I love nature and enjoy the beauty of it. I love to dance! Here is the thing, exercise is very important to me and at this time I am on Medical Disability and because of my knee and hip exercise is almost non existent. There is a bike that is called a recumbent bike. However it is expensive and I am on a limited income at this time. With saying that I will be going back to school in February of 2013 and hopefully a new opportunity will open up for me. Right now I really miss exercising.
Lisa M. Stachoviak
The Cast of 'Transcendence'
104 days ago

That was a very nice thing you did for the owner of Chief D's today as well as JCPenny's!

Lisa M. Stachoviak
You Write, Ellen Responds!
272 days ago

Hello Ellen,

I am a breast cancer survivor and one of the questions the doctor asks me when I see her is if I want implants. The thing is I do not miss them. I mean it is what it is, right? I have noticed on TV that women use their breasts to get what they want and it is something the men comment on as well. What are these things saying to those who have had their breasts removed. I mean aren't we as humans suppose to look at what is inside the person? Are women supposed to feel less of a person because of not having breasts? I don't know. The one thing I do now is true beauty is within the person. This is just a curious thing to me.

Lisa M. Stachoviak
Know or Go: Thanksgiving Style!
612 days ago

Ellen's "Know or Go" was funny