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Lisa Lamar
Name Lisa Lamar
Location Tennille, Georgia
Age 50
Joined 600 days ago
Hobbies singing
About Me I love to watch GOOD SHOWS,especial those that help peoples that loss their homes! I'm an giver in kind words because i don't have money to give like i wish,i do Bless in money every now and then to others !!!
Lisa Lamar
Diane Keaton, Jon Bon Jovi
390 days ago

I think Dianna & Ellen needs to call an taxi after the show , love it though, especially Dianna. May be the wine will be worn off by the time she leaves . LOL Oh silly me I know she is not driving, great show !!!

Lisa Lamar
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599 days ago

Hi Ellen, i tried sinning before but mt computer has this virus,and it goes out after every 3 or 4 sentence !!!! OMG I MEANT WINNING LMHO ! Although i did try that also , got me 3 children and LOTS OF HEART BREAKS !!!! I enjoy your show wish my children and silblings could win something, we had a real bad year last year !!! My dad died 4 days before my birthday 9-25-, my son son had a wreck the day after my dad died 9-26,then my step mom and her daugther(dads' daugther also), didn't put my sisters/brothers,or any of our children on the obituary,had it fix so we couldn't attend his funeral,and hasn't even fix his grave yet, there's red dirt on top of him with nothing else , not even an head stone (tearing) !!!! My family just need an good/great thing to happen for us once in our life time!!!! My brothers and i are going to try and do something at income tax time ,that's if we get something back, we have NO DEPENDENTS !!! An Blessing from you through God would be great ,i watch you every day , love you if we don't get your Blessing !!