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lisa goodman
Name lisa goodman
Location Henderson,
Age 48
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Hobbies Watching Ellen, cooking, taking care of my girls,
About Me i have 2 biologically Children, J.d,27, An Brooke.24. 1 adopted daughter Lilly 7 yrs old(had since she was 5 mths old, mom died of cancer 3 years ago)ive always been a single mom which was hard an still is, im not employed,my daughter brooke works very hard everyday to support me an her little sister Lilly,she pays all bills an we make it,, i thank god everyday for my daughter. we love dogs,, we love cats,, thanks,, lisa
lisa goodman
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582 days ago

Oh gosh Ellen it is me again, Lisa... Plz ellen let me come to your show with my girls!!Me an my girls have a rough time but we get by,, We would just Love to Be Invited to your Christmas Show Omgosh that would be all of ours dream come true.. an ellen i do always tell my friends that Ellen will say hi or ill be on Ellens show one day i will,Ive sent you messages an telling a little about me an my girls!! I just know if youd meet my Daughter Brooke youd love her, ill send you a message!

lisa goodman
You Write, Ellen Responds!
582 days ago

Plz Let me win the 12 days of Christmas!! i wanna give my girls everthing i cant or ever could afford!! My 24 year old has been taking care of me an also started raising her little neice when she was 5 mths old an is 7 now, she stayed in school an graduated worked an still works very hard to take care of us!! i so wanna pay her back some how!! so how about it ellen help a West Virignia Lady Give her Daughter back some Happiness that she gives to me her mom an her little sister!!!! Oh Plz!!!! if you need to know about my Girl or our lives plz send me a Message an Im sure youll agree She deserves A Little more Happiness in her life!! weve been through so much togethere an she is my guardian on earth Ellen!! We Love an Watch your show faithfully an she Prays one day it will be us that Gets so much Happiness you give others!!! Love you Ellen!!! From Henderson Wva. Ill be Listening for a Mention on your show!! we watch at 3 oclock everyday on channel 3!!

lisa goodman
Message from Ellen
641 days ago

oh gosh Ellen i love you an your show so much. ive watched from day 1.. im not to smart on this computer but ive always wanted to send you a letter about me and my girls,, they love love you to, im always telling my neighbors an my girls, the one day ellen will say to me on air or her swagging wagon will be coming to Hendeson, Wva. no such luck but You are so Amazing an Your Are My Hero an Inspiration!!!! Hope you really Read this.. Ellen You Are Great!!!! From Henderson Me an My 2 Girls Love you!!!