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Lisa Frisco
Name Lisa Frisco
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Hobbies traveling fishing helping otheres
About Me i am 48 years old i worked as a stna for 25 years and i fostered kids for 25 years i live in a small town of wilmington ohio i lve helping people befor i got hurt on my job
Lisa Frisco
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586 days ago

Dear Ellen i lovr your show. when im feeling down u bring me up. i set here and watch u dance because i have no moves at all. i love the way u make people smile even when they dont feel like smileing.well make a long story straight i am a stna worked in that field for 25 years or more i got hurt on the job and been off work for almost a year. i been fighting with my job for treatment for at least 8 months. its really hard right now with just my husband income.but we are manageing to make it. I just wana come to your show to meet u im not asking for any thing elsh is judt to be around your love that you give to everybody. i live in a small ton of wilmington ohio i foster kids for 25 years finaley got them grown
. some of them are in college and some are serving our country. i think its time for me and my husband to thake a vacation i cant aford to fly any where but we can drive. not sure where your shoe is located at but if its in driveing distance we can get there. i love u with all my heart u are such a wounderful person. hope to here from u.