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Lisa Fletcher
Name Lisa Fletcher
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Hobbies Shooting pool, throughing darts, goodfriends , music,and watchjng Ellen dance. My daughter tells me i dance like her.
About Me I'm 50yrs old. My birthday is Feb 10,1962, i have two children and 5 grandbabies i love dearly. Life has been very difficult for me for the last four yrs , but it's not me i worry about! It's my daughter i worry about her she is a single mother of three, she started Collage before her first child was born, But had to quit . She wants to be a Dental Hygentist so she can provide for her children while i could i supported her and her son Brennan while she was in collage ,buti can no longer even support myself . I have a wonder family that have been so helpful to she and her babies but unfortunatly thay can barely a ford to heip now. I would give anything if she could finish college so she wouldn't have too struggle like i did to take care of her children , My son has a wife and two beautiful kids Austin and Lacey. If it haden't been for my sisters and my brother that is no longer with us i wouldn't have made it . Theirs so much more but i feel like i'm on a soap box!!! My wish is for my daughter Shelby, she's a beautiful and very bright young lady and i know she can do it she just can't finacally do it. GOD PUT A WONDERFUL ANGLE ON THIS EARTH , HER NAMES IS ELLEN !! God bless you for having the heart and kindness that you have I know your mother is very proud.
Lisa Fletcher
It's a Bonus 12 Days Giveaway!
567 days ago

It would be wonderfull to win 12 Days from Ellen. We watch very day. she is suc a positive and caring roll model for all. And Angel sent from above if you will. Thank you and please keep us smiling and full of hope . Lisa Fletcher.

Lisa Fletcher
Message from Ellen
588 days ago

Hi Ellen, You are and Angel sent from GOD, you make people laugh and thare dreams come true. My family and Ilove ,love , your show. We wish you and Portia a Merry Christmas Lisa,