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Lisa Falco
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Dear Ellen
I entered your 12 days of christmas giveaway,not for me but my sister Nancy Falco,she lives in a 3 bedroom house,she pays rent has 4kids & 2 grand kids,just lost one of her jobs because her daughter was just in hospital with brain swelling & seizuires.On thanksgiving 2012 she gave birth to a beauitful baby boy.Doctors do not know why she had brain swelling & seizuires,my neiece is home now but has to be watched.My sister has to move,we are tyring to get her to move closer to family,she worked 2jobs & barely home before losing 1job because she was stayin at hospital with her daughter elsie.We are trying to get her & kids to come stay with us in our 3bedroom house until she can find a job & home for her & her kids& grandbabies.I want my sister to win your 12 days of christmas so my sister & kids can have a Happy Christmas,she gets no child support & no goverment asistance,they told her she makes too much money with the 2jobs.I have been trying to help & I send her money for her 5yr.old grand child to go to daycare preschool,but I am unemployed.My Sister works VERY hard to pervide for her children & grandchildren,I just want her to have a Happy Merry Christmas for her & her kids,grandkids,at least 1day she can forget her problems & nancy & elsie,james,terrance,trevor,baby Isiaha & 5yr old Aalliyah can believe in santa again. Thank You