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Dear Ellen, Yesterday I saw a note on the screen while watching your show. It said to contact you if I knew someone who needs a new car. I do know someone & she is my daughter. She is a single mom with an adorable 3 yr old son who she is raising on her own without any support from the father. She works full time & is going to school part time to get her masters degree in social work. She has a car that is over 12 yrs old and over 100k miles. It barely runs yet she uses it to drive to work daily, and to the university 50 miles away 3x a week. & In this horrible winter that Illinois is having with the cold and snow I am so worried about her being out on the road with an unsafe car. She spends alot of her wages on child care and has no money left to buy a car.
I live 1500 miles away in Arizona on social security and dont have any money to help her out either.
Please help her ( Melissa) and our grandson Cashton out if you could. That would be fantastic.
I love your show and watch every day.