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linda summerton
Name linda summerton
Location toms river nj, nj
Age 45
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Hobbies watching ellen spending timw with my grandchildren
About Me i am a 64 year old grandmother of 4.I have had a terribly rough life as i have explained on my comment.I have never asked for anything cant get over the loss of my daughter;Life is a constant depression.I love helping people my health isnt so goo so i am unable to.i love you
linda summerton
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566 days ago

ellen i tried to email you it wouldnt go through i think i won the 12 days i wrote to you so many times about losing my daughter in july and my daughter jill is my rock some one called me from you studio at 8.30 pm jan 3 i am in a wheechair i got to the phone it rang once then hung up.Please please can you call me back if possible ive been terribky upset lately after all we have been through my dog he is 12 is dying of cogestive heart failure.Oh god when i saw your number on my caller id i remembered what is was like for a minute to smile love you Linda 7322781209 if i am writing in the wrong spot i apologize i have written to you several times im sure you know my story and what we have been through love you ellen i am sleeping with the phone it is hard for me to get up and down thank you

linda summerton
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601 days ago

Hi Ellen i love you i know you recieve a lot of emails and probably taking a shot in the dark that you would read mine.My name is Linda and i have struggled all my life raising my kids alone i shouldnt complain i am from jersey where sandy hit i was very fortunate,This has been the worse year of my life i lost my daughter suddenly in july and had major cancer surgury in july then ended in hospitol with sepsis.I cry all the time and cant seem to function i am also disabled.I live scraping by month to month try to do all my doctors appt in one day due to the gas prices.I never had anything and the holidays are really depressing me.I know you have a big heart i would be extremely happy with a knock on my door to try to get out of my depression i have 4 most amazing grandchildren i would love to have a christmaqs for,I love you linda