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Linda Sasso
Name Linda Sasso
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Hobbies Helping animals, going to estate sales, reading
About Me I am a 66 year old divorced woman. I love animals and I am a homebody. I have spent the last five years being a caregiver to my parents. They are 92 and 96 years old and are now in a nursing home.
Linda Sasso
Baby Lamb's New Friend
382 days ago

Hi Ellen, I am a big fan and just love your sense humor, kindness and big heart. I mostly love the fact that you, as do I, love animals. There is a group called the Equine Rescue Network, which helps horses headed for slaughter!! Most of these innocent animals have nothing wrong with them. It is just the greed of men bringing them to auctions and selling them to "Killbuyers". As you probably know, it is a horrific and inhumane way to die!! This wonderful organization tries to help find homes for them thru other equine rescue groups - one of which is called "end of the line horse placement" (so sad, end of the line)!! Anyway, I don't know if you are aware of these rescue groups, but they are on Facebook and are looking for homes and donations to try and save some of them. Hundreds go thru the auctions and only a handful can be saved, because "the killbuyers say they need a full load to take to Canada/Mexico". It just breaks my heart and I know it probably will tug on yours as well. I don't know if I'm overstepping the line here, but was hoping you would go on these websites and try to help. I send donations as much as I am able to, but I live on a small pension and SS. I also know that you and Portia have a ranch and have rescued animals in the past. Also, Ellen, since you are a celebrity, maybe your influence could help stop the slaughter houses that are scheduled, sometime in the near future, to open up in the U.S.!! God Bless you and thank you for your time.