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Linda Rupe
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Good afternoon Ellen,

I'm writing to maybe get my daughter Britney out to see you. We both love you very much and DVR when we can't watch the show. I would love to come see you but don't think I could make the trip due to my back needing surgery. I'm in so much pain 24/7 its to the point it makes me so nausous I can't eat. I take care of my disabled mother and its not getting any easier. I'm afraid to have surgery and hoping to find a non invasive way to relieve it. Well, enough about me, I'd really like to have my daughter and her boyfriend Spencer be your guests to come see you and "One Direction" take video's and lots of pictures so it's like I'm there too. Your a wonderful person and have been a fan since way back in your sitcom days. You and Porscha are truly blessed! Thank you in advance for your kindness. Its greatly appreciated. Yours truly Linda Rupe